Legislative Successes

– National Guard Empowerment – CNGB promoted to 4 Star and added to the staff of the Joint C/S

– Post 9/11 Bill for National Guard Personnel

– Overturned Proposed Air National Guard Cuts

– Creation of Commission on the Future of the Army

– Historic levels of National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account (NGREA) and Military Construction (MILCON)funds

– Robust Personnel and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) funding to
maintain an operational reserve

– Prohibition of retirement of A-10s with the exception of 36
aircraaft that may be placed in “backup flying status”

– Fix to future reserve retirement calculation

– Behavior health support for members of the Reserve Component during scheduled unite training assemblies

– Reemployment rights for Title 32 National Guard duty

– Authority for the VA to provide mental health care for veterans and their families – post deployment

– Extended TRICARE coverage for “Gray Area” retirees

– Doubled from 90 to 180 days the time a Reserve Component members is covered under TRICARE Prime prior to mobilization

– Establishment of the National Commission on the Future Structure of the Army to assess Army/ARNG size and force mix

– Prohibition on the transfer of AH-64 Apache aircaraft in FY 2015

– Prohibition on cancellation or modification of avionics modernization program for C-130 aircraft